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Medical device consulting & healthcare agency services

Our Services

Consulting & Testing for Medical Device Industry

Services for Healthcare Agencies and Institutions

Strategy, Communication, and Education

Technology and business reviews, advisory boards, grant writing, reports, presentations, marketing, and lectures on cardiovascular physiology, medical imaging, biomechanics, and Nitinol

Engineering Testing (ISO 13485-2016 Lab)

Scanning electron microscopy, tensile, radial force, corrosion, nickel-ion release, transformation temperature, fatigue limit testing, and accelerated durability

Technical Consulting

Anatomy & physiology, biomechanics, medical imaging, materials science, device design, cadaver and animal studies, finite element analysis, regulatory processes

World Class Experts

Chris Cheng, PhD

Vascular and Gastrointestinal
Biomechanics thought leader
Professor and entrepreneur

Alan Pelton, PhD

Vascular and Orthopedic
Nitinol thought leader
Professor and executive

Srin Nagaraja, PhD

Orthopedic and Vascular
Regulatory expert
10-year FDA veteran

Payman Saffari, MS

Cardiac and Vascular
Finite Element Analysis expert
Broad industry experience

Broad Expertise

  • Academic research
  • Teaching
  • Intellectual property
  • Design
  • Materials science
  • Testing
  • Manufacturing
  • Operations
  • Regulatory Entrepreneurship
  • Business strategy
  • Grant proposals

From Startups to Fortune 50 companies, across all
stages of product development and regulatory processes.

For Healthcare Agencies and Institutions

  • Professional, IT, logistics, and administrative support services
  • Scientific, medical, and data analysis services
  • Editing, writing, and production of scientific and medical reports
  • Project and program management, contract staffing services
  • VA
  • CDC
  • FDA
  • NIH
  • DOD
  • NSF