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DirectMet®2 Cloud: Delivery of high-quality GOES-16 satellite imagery into operations

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Wednesday, June 20, 2018

Global Science & Technology, Inc. (GST) is pleased to announce a major advancement in its offering of satellite data into meteorological operations -- DirectMet®2 Cloud, a cloud-based service that provides high-quality GOES-16 data from GST directly to the customer.

GOES-16 Animation Preview

"DirectMet®2 Cloud is a low-cost, highly-innovative way to service meteorological offices with GOES-16 imagery directly from GST. Through DirectMet®2 Cloud, GST does the actual image production for the meteorological office. GST also offers DirectMet®2 workstations with ground station equipment for those agencies that need or want local data processing from GOES-16," said Chieh-san Cheng, GST's President and CEO.

DirectMet®2 Cloud provides web access to satellite imagery that is customized for the meteorological office’s area of operations. Users can view their imagery on web browsers, including PCs and tablet devices. The imagery is available for download directly into the office, where it can be used on websites, social media, and other workstations.

Since its founding in 1991, GST has focused its business model on earth and space science, including major data system contracts at NASA and NOAA. GST's Commercial Weather Group provides turn-key satellite (DirectMet®2) and meteorological (WAFS-METLAB2TM) data processing systems that drive the operations of many weather offices worldwide. "GST's Commercial Weather Group is instrumental in providing reliable, low-cost, high-value data processing systems that service the needs of meteorologists and other professionals around the globe. GST's DirectMet®2 and DirectMet®2 Cloud bring satellite imagery into the forecaster's work environment, and can integrate into meteorological workstations, such as GST's WAFS-METLABTM, for use with other meteorological data sets that provide a more comprehensive analysis. The ability to overlay and compare diverse data sets is important to our customers. With DirectMet®2 and DirectMet®2 Cloud, there are new derived datasets and more highly resolved imagery processed from GOES-16 that will be critical to forecasters during times of high-impact weather, such as hurricanes, flash floods, and severe storms," says Paul Heppner, who leads GST's Commercial Weather Group.

For more information about DirectMet2 Cloud, please contact GST at or, and visit DirectMet2Cloud.