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Global Science and Technology Improves Aviation Meteorology in Mongolia

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Thursday, March 13, 2014

Global Science and Technology, Inc. (GST), a leading innovator of weather forecasting products and services, is proud to announce that it recently completed a contract to provide WAFS-METLAB2™ weather workstation technology to the Mongolia Aviation Meteorological Center (AMC) at the Chinggis Khan International Airport in Ulaan Bataar, Mongolia. Together, with partner WeatherLink of South Korea and the cooperation of the Korea Meteorological Agency, GST completed an on-site installation to modernize the weather data information processing capability at the Mongolia AMC in support of aviation meteorology. GST also conducted on-site testing and training for the aviation and center staff on the new technology.

"This is an important expansion of our international portfolio of providing weather workstations for the global market. The provision of equipment and technical expertise in Mongolia helps to advance aviation meteorology in a growing Mongolian economy. Our WAFS-METLAB2™ installation in Mongolia builds on GST's recent international successes in Cambodia, the Philippines, and the Caribbean and further demonstrates the effectiveness and adaptability of the WAFS-METLAB2™ system," said Chieh-san Cheng, GST CEO.

GST Program Manager and Meteorologist Paul Heppner supervised and assisted the on-site installation in Ulaan Bataar. "The Mongolia AMC is modernizing its approach to meteorological analysis, looking to conduct more data integration which WAFS- METLAB2™ supports. In addition, the workstation includes BriefNet™ automatic production of weather charts and flight documentation. Mongolia AMC is now well positioned to support and expand aviation operations at Chinggis Khan International Airport," said Heppner.

The WAFS-METLAB2™ system is a powerful, yet flexible, integrated workstation to visualize and process weather data and information for a wide range of weather professionals in commercial, government, and military markets. The workstation is highly adaptable to various users, data sources, and formats to support near real-time weather forecasting. WAFS-METLAB2™ includes communications software for data acquisition from World Area Forecast System (WAFS) meteorological data sources. In addition to the WAFS data baseline, the workstation is able to integrate and process satellite, radar, lightning, and other environmental data sources to allow for rapid dissemination of information for forecasting, decision making, alerts, and critical warnings. WAFS- METLAB2™ includes the capability to alert users based on incoming data thresholds as well as create customized, macro-driven, integrated overlays.

For further information about WAFS-METLAB2™, BriefNet™, and other GST commercial weather products contact GST at

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