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GST delivers DirectMet®2 for the production of high-quality GOES-16 satellite imagery at the Meteorological Department Curaçao

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Monday, August 20, 2018

Global Science & Technology, Inc. (GST) recently delivered its DirectMet®2 satellite data processing system to the Meteorological Department Curaçao (MDC), a department in the Ministry of Traffic, Transport, and Urban Planning of Curaçao. DirectMet®2 processes satellite imagery from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) GOES-16 satellite, also known as GOES-EAST. This satellite is the latest generation launched by NOAA for monitoring weather over the Americas and Atlantic Ocean basin. GOES-16 greatly improves image resolution and increases the frequency of images taken, when compared to the previous generation of geostationary weather satellites.

"The DirectMet®2 installation at the MDC is a major advancement for their operations. The imagery from GOES-16 is more detailed than the previous generation GOES-13 satellite. With DirectMet®2 and GOES-16 data, meteorologists will have better visualization of Curaçao’s weather," said Chieh-san Cheng, GST's President and CEO. DirectMet®2 is GST’s new low-cost, innovative platform for global satellite data processing, including the GOES and Himawari (Japanese) satellites.

MDC uses the GOES-16 satellite imagery in its meteorological operations (public, aviation, and maritime), as well as services provided to other Caribbean islands (Bonaire, St. Eustatius, St. Maarten and Saba) that are within the Kingdom of the Netherlands. MDC also provides satellite imagery that is processed by DirectMet2 to national television, smartphone users, and social media. See for additional information.

MDC has been a long-term user of GOES satellite imagery generated by DirectMet® systems. The first-generation DirectMet® system was delivered by GST to Curacao during the 1990s and has been used in combination with GST’s meteorological workstation, known as WAFS-METLAB2 for 15 years. GST integrates satellite data from DirectMet®2 into the WAFS-METLAB2 workstation for overlay with other weather observations and numerical models. Accordingly, the forecaster can correlate weather features seen on the satellite image with other pieces of meteorological information for a more comprehensive view of the situation. “The ability to overlay and compare diverse data sets is important to our customers. With GOES-16 satellite imagery from DirectMet®2, there are new derived datasets and more highly-resolved imagery processed from GOES-16 that will be critical to MDC forecasters during times of high-impact weather, such when as hurricanes move through the Caribbean. The integration of the satellite data into the WAFS-METLAB2 workstation will further enhance analyses and predictive capability," says Paul Heppner, who leads GST's Commercial Weather Group.

For more information, please contact GST at or, Please visit DirectMet2 and WAFS-METLAB2 for descriptions about these GST systems.