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To the GST Family:

In March 1991, almost 30 years ago, Chieh-san Cheng, Larry Roelofs, and Paul Clemens founded GST. Today, we have an excellent reputation among our customers and peers, thanks to our technical prowess, commitment to quality, and track record of going above and beyond. This reputation has been hard-fought with vigorous effort, day after day, from our outstanding employees. GST was founded on a culture of integrity and openness, and an employee-first mentality. This is evidenced by our ludicrously low turnover rate of <5%, and the fact that 55%, 26%, and 10% of our employees have been with us for >5, >10, and >20 years, respectively. Not coincidentally, we are financially extremely strong, growing, and more competitive than ever.

I am truly humbled to be leading day-to-day, company-wide operations, and feel blessed to have the wisdom of my father and the rest of the leadership team to lean on. As you may have seen in my introductory letter, I may have left GST for a bit (1998-2018), but my heart has never left the aerospace industry. I've been a space fanboy this whole time and even applied (and failed) to be an astronaut twice. While I have been working in the healthcare industry for over twenty years, it was an easy choice to make this career shift. With GST's excellence in remote sensing for monitoring weather and climate, and supporting NASA and NOAA, my focus has only slightly shifted from health-care to planet-care. I couldn't be more excited!

While GST is considered a “small business”, we affect the lives of all of you, your families, and the community at large, and we aim to lead by example. Thus, we conducted an analysis of our employee mix with that of matching job descriptions from the Bureau of Labor Statistics (see graph below). I am proud to report that even though GST is HEAVILY weighted towards highly technical and specialized jobs, even more so than the BLS job categories reflect, we are doing better than average in gender and racial diversity at every level. But GST's ambition is not to be an average company, so while we are doing well, I know we can do even better to aspire to the makeup of the general workforce population. I encourage us not to treat this encouraging data as a destination, but rather use it to galvanize the GST family to seek new heights of diversity.

GST Staff diversity vs Bureau of Labor Statistics

Data based on 2019 data from U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (
A,B - Based on relevant BLS job categories and employee makeup of GST
C,D,E - Based on relevant BLS job categories with linear, squared, and cubed promotion factors and employee makeup of GST [1,2]

[1] Blau FD, Devaro J, "New Evidence of Gender Differences in Promotion Rates: An Empirical Analysis of a Sample of New Hires", Industrial Relations, 46(3): 511-550 (2007) – Women get promoted 75.6% as often as men when controlled for job categories
[2] Yap M, Konrad AM, "Gender and Racial Differences in Promotions: Is there a sticky floor, a mid-level bottleneck, or a glass ceiling?", Industrial Relations, 64(4): 593-619 (2009) – Minorities get promoted 93.8% as often as whites

During these tough times, I appreciate everyone's hard work and flexibility. If you have any questions, thoughts, or concerns, please reach out to me any time. See below for a snapshot of some recent exciting activities.

- Chris Cheng
Executive Vice President


NASA Special Act Award

A NASA Special Act Award was presented to long time GST employee, Kelvin Brentzel, by Mark Clampin, Director of Sciences and Exploration, NASA GSFC for “outstanding dedication and expertise, as a member of the Code 600 system administrator team, achieving almost seamless continuity for end users during the Center's telework status.” Congratulations to Kelvin.


USDA Project

GST has been awarded a new task order under our GSA Schedule 66 contract vehicle. This new work with the USDA's Agricultural Research Service will investigate and document the best way to access data and remote sensing capabilities at NASA Goddard and NOAA facilities, as well as high-speed access to the USGS EROS Center archive. Our Chief Scientist, Dr. Darrel Williams, will spearhead this project with a team of subject matter experts. This provides GST with an initial toehold into a new agency as well as under our GSA Schedule 66.


NOAA Business Operations Support (BOS) Task Order Win

GST's Executive Vice President, Dr. Christopher Cheng, recently announced that Global Science & Technology, Inc. (GST) was awarded the NESDIS Business Operations Support (BOS) Task Order (TO) under the NOAA ProTech Satellite Domain prime contract to provide support across NOAA for strategic planning, user engagement, property inventory management, and project management. “GST, along with its teammate, M2 Strategy, are proud that NOAA recognizes the value of our expertise and experience by awarding us this task order under the ProTech Satellite contract,” said Cheng, “and we look forward to continuing this strong partnership with NOAA in the years to come.”


HQ Office Move

After twenty years at 7855 Walker Drive, Suite 200, GST headquarters has moved to 7501 Greenway Center Drive, Suite 1100.  With the evolution of more GST employees being located onsite within its clients’ buildings, and the aging facilities at Walker Drive, it was time to upgrade.  The new office is 8500 sqft with a floorplan customized to GST, and includes brand new appliances and has 10x faster internet.  The building boasts better and more modern amenities including a café, gym with showers, newly remodeled lobby and grounds, and better bathrooms, security, air conditioning, elevators, and facilities management.  The office is also within walking distance of Greenway Center, which is filled with restaurants, grocery store, and a full-service shopping center.


Destination Space Camp

GST, in cooperation with NASA IV&V Education Resource Center, Fairmont State University, and Destination SPACE, Inc. conducted the inaugural West Virginia Destination SPACE Camp for high school students July 20-24.  This five-day camp was designed to cultivate a long-term interest in STEM by providing engaging, hands-on learning about robotics, satellites, remote sensing, and rocketry, specifically for students from backgrounds underrepresented in STEM fields.  Because of the pandemic, we developed whole new content, sent hardware to each student, and conducted the camp in a virtual environment, which had the unexpected benefit of enabling students from more remote areas of WV to participate.  Students built and programed their own robots and weather stations, and then analyzed the data they collected.