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GST is a leading provider of mid-range weather data processing systems and publication solutions.We are developing new technologies for enhanced weather analysis and prediction. These low-cost, end-to-end, stand-alone, independent, and dependable systems are ideal for the real-time meteorological needs of airstrips, isolated locations, off-shore rigs, and those in need of advanced warning systems. Our weather systems have been installed worldwide.


DirectMet provides a low-cost WindowsTM-based satellite data capture, display, and analysis system.

  • Adapted research performed for NASA to create this commercial weather system product Build, deliver, and install systems world-wide Provide maintenance and upgrades


WAFS-MetLab is the complete solution for WAFS weather data reception, display, analysis, and briefings.

  • Provides WAFS-MetLab tailored to customer needs
  • Provides custom integration of non-WAFS data feeds
  • Provides responsive maintenance and support services
  • Provides extended training


BriefNet™ is an advanced weather briefing system that simplifies the process of creating and distributing current weather products and notices to pilots.

  • Provides pilots and weather professionals with quick acces to weather information
  • Information is available from any PC or computer on your network